Online business listings are powerful. Listings give consumers business location, contact information and hours of operation. A customer will go to a competitor if your business is not found online.
Missing Hours of Operation Information Can Be a Deal Breaker
When a consumer looks up a business, the first piece of information looked for is the hours of operation. If the hours are incorrect, consumers are going to do another search to find a different store. It is also important to keep your holiday hours updated.
You Can’t Spell NAP Data (and get listed) Without an A(ddress)
Next in importance is your business NAP information. Is your business Name, Address and Phone number correct? If not, then potential consumers cannot find you. Make sure your address matches the USPS standardization. Many search engines will default to the USPS for correct mailing addresses.
Local Searchers are Mobile Creatures
75% of mobile searches end with an in-store purchase if a business has a correct listing. This means not only does your information need to be listed and correct, it also needs to be mobile friendly.
Updated, Accurate Websites Still Serve as A First Impression
At the same time, more than 60% of searches on a PC have a similar chance of ending in a purchase (Localeze). A business owner should not discount the power of a business website. Any listing should link to the business’s website and feature the exact same information. Inconsistencies could result in distrust before a customer ever crosses their threshold.
Local Searchers Mix It Up Across Many Devices, Situations and Times
The way people search for listings has changed over the years. Web developers have now created websites that are scalable to search on many devices. Many adults use their smartphones to search for local information online. According to Localeze, the types of devices used, and what we are searching for varies by the time of day and device.
Local Search Results Are Trusted Sources of Information
Local search results are the most trustworthy. People tend to put trust in local businesses more than big box, big website stores. Think about it, would you rather find a local store where you can get that latest purse in town right now? Or can you wait a week for delivery, which is four days past the event that you want it for? Trust leads to loyalty, more business, happy customers and happy business owners.
You are missing a huge opportunity if your listings are few, incomplete or inaccurate! Will you be found on an online search for your type of business? Try it out! Do a google search on your business and see what you find…