Email Lists: Existing Customers
Start by building your email list from information stored about your existing customers. These are the people that have already shown high interest in your products/services and are already familiar with your company. Your existing customers are going to trust you the most and be open to promotional email content and new products.


Email Lists: Customer Acquisition
This means building a new list of clients that you want to reach out to. To do this you need to:
• Provide value
• Have an easy sign-up/subscribe process
• Have an appealing call-to-action
Providing value can mean offering a sign-up discount, free content guides, free shipping, and many more incentives. Your sign-up opportunity may simply be a spot on your website, where prospects can type in their email, that says “Join our email list so you don’t miss any updates!” -and that will encourage them to sign-up.

-Vendasta June 2019