In business your reputation is everything!

Your reputation is what others are saying about you and your business. 90% of consumers make all their buying decisions based on the online reviews they search for and read. Customers are out there talking about their experiences with businesses.

Websites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Facebook are open forums for customer commentary. All this chatter has a direct impact on your revenue. Do you know what your customers are saying about you? To get ahead you can’t remain passive in the digital marketplace. Good things don’t happen by magic! Instead, you must act to shape your own reputation into what you want it to be. Join in the conversation today and take control of what is being said about you. Your reputation is at stake and you can do something about it!


Online consumer reviews help define the reputation of a local business.


97% of consumers use the internet to search online for a local business.


Nearly 90% of consumers say they only consider using a business with 3-5 stars


8 out of every 10 consumers make buying decisions based on reading online reviews.



Review Request

Online reviews are one of the best ways to keep track of how your customers feel about your company. Customers talk about and rate the products and services you sell. They look at five to seven reviews before forming an opinion about your company. 73% of customers will trust a business with a majority of positive reviews.

You know that getting good reviews for your business is important, but how do you get them? Getting customers to leave positive reviews can be a challenge. Customers that have a negative experience are more likely to review your company. To get positive reviews the customer experience must stand out as exceptional! It takes time to build a strong base of positive customer reviews without help. Leaving it up to chance is not an effective marketing strategy!

That is where Power Metrics Marketing can step in to help. We can reach out to your customers to get their feedback. It will generate more reviews that every business needs. It will also uncover ideas that will improve your business. The more positive reviews you receive the more new customers you will attract.

Review Response

Social media marketing is the name of the game in this digital age.

  • Are you using your social media page to its best advantage?
  • Are you attracting new customers and retaining current customers?

If you are not responding to all your reviews both positive and negative, you aren’t doing enough! If you don’t respond to reviews, customers perceive you as non-responsive and uncaring. The last thing you want to do is cause your customers to think of your company in a negative light!

But what can you do? As a business owner, you may not have time to respond to all the comments on your social media pages! Power Metrics Marketing can remove that barrier. Our team can track and respond to your reviews on your behalf. We will craft custom responses for both positive and negative reviews.

Don’t stay on the sidelines of effective social media marketing. Let us help you get in the game today!