Accountability is key. Analyzing your data will help in determining the success of your campaigns.

• Open-rate is the percentage of people who opened the email out of the total number of recipients, determining your subject line effectiveness.
• Click-to-open rate is the percentage of people who clicked on a link in the email out of the recipients who opened the email, determining your content effectiveness.

Keep an eye on specific accounts that are currently on the campaign. Track statistics for each individual email, including number delivered, sent, and on deck (the number of prospects to receive that email next).

The click-through rate isn’t the best indicator of your campaign performance. By using click-to-open rate, you are seeing out of all the people who opened your email, who wanted to click-through and read more. The reason click-through rate isn’t as effective, is because it calculates a click percentage based on all of the people you sent the email to, not just the ones who opened it. This means that people who never even opened your email or saw it in their inbox, would be included in that metric.

If you are measuring who clicked-through, you’re going to want to only look at who actually opened it, as that is a more accurate metric to analyze the content of your email.

-Vendasta June 2019